a beautiful beginning: sebastian’s birth story.

I met Erica back in March 2010 and instantly thought she was one of the coolest mamas I have ever met. I was super pregnant and Donny and I were looking for a doula to do a private childbirth class with us. A friend told me about Erica and we worked it out so that she would do a one-on-one all day class with us and in exchange I would photograph her super cute family 🙂 It all worked out wonderfully.

The more ingrained in the birth world I got, the more I found out what a tight knit web of women it is! (Which I think it just so cool!) It turns out that my doula friend Melanie & Erica are great friends & act as each others backups for births. Both Erica & Melanie were super instrumental in getting my passion for birth photography started and both have been such a huge encouragement & support for us as Mel and I started Beautiful Beginnings.

Now on to the birth story. Erica asked me to photograph her 4th (and final) birth back before I even knew exactly how this birth photography venture would pan out. She was planning a home water birth and I was thrilled! Since this was going to be her last baby, she wanted to get a few maternity pictures as well, so I went out to her house to snap a few and get the run down of the birth plan. It was then that she told me she labors really fast.

Exactly a week later (and 2 weeks before she was officially due) I get a text at 4:45am saying her water broke. Nothing else was happening, but based on what she said I figured I better get up, take a shower, pack my camera bag and be ready to run out the door whenever I got the call. Well I got a few texts throughout the day and nothing was happening. Then at 5:45pm I got a text saying that labor started and to head over to their house. A few minutes later as I was loading the car, her husband Keith calls and says to hurry because things were moving really fast. I was panicked because I had to drive 45 minutes up I-75 in rush hour traffic. Well I made it in record time – by 6:20pm – but Sebastian Alexander decided to come into the world at 6:01pm!!! Nobody expected she would go THAT FAST!! That just goes to show the total unpredictability of births!

I was bummed that I missed the actual birth, but there was nothing anyone could do about it. I was just glad that she was able to have the peaceful home birth she planned and that she & Sebastian were healthy & doing well. I was there for about an hour and 1/2 taking all of the “after” shots, but unfortunately Erica had  a pp hemorrhage that couldn’t be stopped after 2 shots of pit and 1 of methergine, so she ended up having to be transferred to the hospital to get the bleeding under control.

I went back about a week after the birth to take some newborn shots since things didn’t go quite as planned at the birth and I wasn’t able to get many shots of Sebastian under the circumstances. Erica & Sebastian are both doing great and the rest of the kids are totally enamored with their new little brother. Erica is such an inspiration to me and being around her family makes me want to have lots of kids…they are just so precious! We will see 🙂

As you will notice, this slideshow contains pictures from before the birth, the birth, and then the newborn session. It is a little different than our other slideshows but hopefully you will enjoy this one just as much 🙂

love. Kelly

David M. Wall, MD - February 14, 2013 - 6:00 pm

What a privilege to have played even a small part in this very significant and most precious birth experience. Great job, Erica, you are an inspiration to all of us in the natural childbirth community. David.

Priscilla - June 21, 2011 - 4:31 pm

What a beautiful family!!! Great photos Kel!

melanie - June 6, 2011 - 5:53 pm

that was super cool with the whole story from pregs to in arms and clean! some really really beautiful shots of mama and baby. esp the newborn session. plus a great shot of the 4 of you to end on! well done friends.

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