a beautiful beginning: bronx ramsey

Bronx’s birth holds the record for the smoothest, most peaceful birth I’ve ever witnessed. And I must say that I’m so glad he held out for his due date until I got home from vacation so I could be there πŸ™‚ Bridgette is a fellow photographer and was the first person to contact me about doing her birth just days after we launched our website. She was less than 10 weeks pregnant at the time, so I’ve been anticipating this birth for almost as long as she has.

Since Bridgette’s labors with her two daughters were both pretty quick, everyone was anticipating this labor to be the same way even though she was planning to go natural this time around. Even though her entire labor was technically 14 hours, I would still consider hers a fast labor considering it took her until she was 6cm, 95% effaced to even be convinced she was in actual labor. She went to her 40 week appointment around 10am and was 5cm, 80% so her doctor told her to head on over to the birthing center because he thought she was in labor. Just to get that far with relatively no pain is amazing! Things didn’t pick up much throughout the day and at one point one of the nurses thought this could be early or false labor. Then around 6:15pm she was checked at 6cm, 95% and decided to try to take a nap. While she was resting, the contractions starting getting stronger and that’s when she was finally convinced this was the real deal & told me to head up πŸ™‚

I had about an hour drive ahead of me to get to the birthing center, and I arrived around 8pm to the scene in the first picture below. A disgustingly beautiful pregnant woman laughing & joking while she relaxed in the tub. She was 8cm then!!!!! I have never seen a woman so calm & relaxed at 8cm, so I secretly thought things were going to take awhile. I was so wrong, though! She labored so beautifully through her contractions for about an hour and then pushed him out in literally 2 minutes at 9:23pm. Everyone kept talking about how high her pain tolerance is, and they were right because you would have never known she was in as much pain as I know she was.

Bridgette’s plan all along was to have a natural water birth at the birth center where she wouldn’t have any interventions and she did just that. She and the baby were totally unplugged the entire time and that made for the most serene birth experience she could have asked for. She even caught him herself and was able to have him skin to skin within seconds! Big sisters Briella (age 9) & Brooklynne (age 7) were there the entire time and Brooklynne got to cut his cord. They were still undecided between 2 names when I left, but they all decided he looked more like a Bronx than a Beckham, so that was it! Bronx Ramsey Davis born at 9:23pm, 7.15lbs, 19″ long on his due date 8-11-11. The whole experience was so amazing to witness and I’m so happy for the joy that BD#5 is going to bring to your lives πŸ™‚

Love, Kelly

Bridgette - August 11, 2018 - 1:08 pm

We watched it together again this morning as his birthday tradition as he turned seven, and he exclaimed β€œagain again!”

Bridgette - August 11, 2013 - 10:10 am

watching this over again is one of my favorite traditions on his birthday. what a joy to be able to relive this day. thank you for your beautiful work kelly! happy second birthday baby Bronx. xo

Christine - August 11, 2012 - 12:43 pm

This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!

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mona - August 18, 2011 - 2:55 am

as a mom i was indescribably proud of my beautiful daughter..swept away in watching my child follow her own body’s prompts,uninterupted by the technologies that we all take for granted.. the sweet serenity of it surprised & overwhelms me still.. thank you for preserving the moments of beauty and serenity that brought Bronx into the waiting arms of his mom dad & sisters! We are so very thankful for healthy mom and baby.

melanie - August 15, 2011 - 2:20 pm

what a great birth. the more i learn about water births the more its sounds so appealing. kelly told me your birth is exactly what we all would want our births to be like and the center is absolutely the right place to do it. you can tell from the pictures how accurate she is. congrats on having the exact birth story you wanted unfold. so blessed to have that opportunity, which most women don’t have. you’re entire family is beautiful!

brenda - August 15, 2011 - 1:45 pm

i love how present the older sisters are. just beautiful. i’d be lying if i said this didn’t get me excited. looks like she labored with such grace.

Bridgette - August 15, 2011 - 6:07 am

wow. quite sure that finding you just as you started this new website and venture was a Godsend. along with the timing, as you said, of going into labor just as you returned to town. what a blessing you are to us Kelly! you’ve done an incredible job documenting the incredible whirlwind that was Bronx’s arrival. even in the quiet moments watching him sleep that first night after everyone else had left the hospital, i kept thinking “did that really just happen?” his birth was so amazing, such a HUGE experience, that it seemed surreal, even though i had just lived it. thank you for recording it the way you did so we are always able to remember it, and others can share in it too. every detail in your blogging is correct- a testament of how great you are in this role, completely supportive and involved throughout the day even though you weren’t physically there until just the right time. near the end, as the pain took all my focus, i missed out on precious things like seeing my girls feet in the water with mine, waiting with anticipation and pride and bravery and confidence for their baby brother. thank you so much for saving those moments for me. the shot where brian is holding my hand is the exact contraction that was my turning point, the one where i said “i don’t want that to happen again!” lol. of course there was no stopping it, but it was a milestone moment, and you captured that as well. i will always remember how it felt to have my head down, eyes closed, feeling desperate and suddenly in over my head, and then blindly feeling his huge familiar hand out of no where grab mine and give me the strength to head into the last unbearably intense stretch of our son’s delivery into the world. your eye is amazing, i appreciate shots like his little foot framed in a footprint blankie πŸ™‚ everything about your work with us was perfect, just like his arrival turned out to be. thank you thank you thank you.
and p.s. how funny of you to paint me as a “disgustingly beautiful pregnant woman”. when i asked someone to find you as you were arriving at the hospital, they said, “what does she look like?” and i answered, “an annoyingly pretty blonde girl”.

xoxo BD#2 (and 1,3,4&5)

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