a beautiful beginning: abraham nicholas

Raven & Jon welcomed their 3rd baby – a boy this time! – over Labor Day weekend. This was the most uneventful (in a good way!) birth I have ever witnessed! I couldn’t believe how easy Raven made everything look. She wasn’t due until the 11th, but she ended up going into labor on the morning of the 3rd. When I talked to her around 11am, her contractions were 6-7 minutes apart and she was walking around trying to speed things up. Her doctor told her to wait until they were 3 minutes apart before going to the hospital. She went about the rest of her day and ended up heading to the hospital around 5pm. She checked in at 5cm and was held in triage for a long time. Once she was finally moved to her room, she got her epidural and had her water broken about 7:30pm. She was 6-7 cm at that time and texted me and said she would be checked again in an hour and to come up then. Well at 8:30 I got a text that said 9cm!! I panicked a little and rushed out the door! I was expecting to arrive in her room as she was pushing, but instead I was greeted by cool, calm and collected parents who were just hanging out waiting for go-time. Raven was eating ice chips and Jon was playing on his phone and they were both keeping tabs on the football game at the same time. We chatted for a bit while I took some pictures and before I knew it, she was pushing! She pushed forΒ maybeΒ 20 minutes and out came beautiful, chubby little Abraham Nicholas weighing in at 8.6 lbs and 21″ long. He is the perfect addition to make their family complete πŸ™‚

Love, Kelly

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melanie - September 8, 2011 - 1:11 am

awww look how cute he is! lots of hair, lots of chub. perfect little boy. so happy for you raven! congrats. good work as always kel.

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