a beautiful beginning: scout minot.

everything about family beginnings birth center is so relaxed and amazing. you come there to labor and have a baby and they just…let your body do it’s thing. they don’t bother you unless you page them, with the exceptional fetal heart tones and temp taking every few hrs. they let you sleep uninterrupted for hours at a time. you time your own contractions, IF you want to, on your cellphone. they demand you eat and drink during labor. like real food, not ice chips. if you are progressing slowly they say things like, “guess what honey, childbirth doesn’t follow a clock. that baby will come when it’s good and ready, no matter how many hours pass. you just relax!” (what?! can you repeat that again!! AMEN!!) when you’re ready to push, they recommend you start on the toilet because it’s natural to push there and if you ‘go’ then you’re already in the right place! saves embarrassment and the fear so many women have in delivery.  you don’t have to have a heplock. all in all, it’s a homebirth under the supervision of nurses with a hospital down the hall. oh did i forget to mention the queen size bed in the room for you to labor and sleep in. COME ON CINCINNATI, get with it!! we need a birth center so bad.


at 3:15am on the 7th i received a text from matt saying kacy’s water broke an hr earlier and they were going back to bed, hospital in the morning. since she was just about 42 weeks pregnant, i assumed labor would start pretty quickly. at 11:30am she asked to be checked and was 6cm. i arrived to dayton around noon because it was an 80min drive with traffic. kacy was in a lot of pain and just wanted to be alone and rest. the nurses suggested a nubain injection to take the edge off and allow her to relax. 3 hours later she woke up with much more energy than before since she really hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. labor progressed slowly and by 10pm they checked her again and she was 8cm. still completely relaxed, you would have no idea she was entering transition. matt kept suggesting she change positions to progress things but kacy kept getting comfortable in ‘labor land’ and chose not to move too much. she was exhausted, i dont blame her though cause when you are contracting and tired, if you find comfortability, you don’t move! even though she’d been drinking juice and water all day she was still dehydrated. she threw up (good sign of transition) around 1130 and had a slight temp (sign of dehydration as well) and they decided to give her some fluids via IV to help quickly hydrate her. the baby was posterior through the majority of this and that’s usually the worst kind of labor, back labor. ouch. except kacy didn’t make a peep, not one moan or groan! she fell asleep again from 12-3am (who the heck sleeps for 4 hrs during transition unmedicated??) and woke up complete. while she slept, so did matt. i sat in her room and edited. nurses kept coming in and asking what i needed and even provided a free meal for me since i had already been there over 12 hrs. 🙂 how sweet is that? looking out for my 28wk prego butt.

the nurse “granny judy”  told kacy to go on in the bathroom and relax on the toilet. push when your body tells you to and you let me know if you need me. rest assured, first borns don’t just fall out, especially at 42 weeks. she occasionally checked his heartbeat and it still remained perfect. since she was complete, she felt enough pressure to push. she tried to push in the tub for a bit, matt got in to help, then back to the bed. then more sleep. her contractions just weren’t close enough together for the pushing to be effective. finally she decided to be transferred to the main hospital where she would start pitocin, which then led to an epidural. after 36 hours of natural labor, the girl deserved relief! same routine here, push for a couple hrs, rest. repeat. she was 10cm for over 14 hrs when the last resort was to use forceps. the baby was stuck on her pubic and kacy was so weak, she agreed to a csection. it just broke my heart to watch her fight for 40+hrs , then got sucked into the spiral of interventions. but i will say after watching the force the dr used to try and pry that baby out, i’m not sure he ever would have come out naturally. oy vey. kacy you did so well and stayed incredibly strong. matt, you were an unbelievable coach and so very helpful to your wife. it’s obvious it you guys put this kind of effort into parenting, you’ll be amazing. just remember you certainly didn’t give up, your body went through quite the ultra marathon. it was my pleasure spending 33hrs with you. 🙂

after 42 wks of gestation, 40 hrs of labor and a quick surgery, they welcomed scout minot. 8.4 lbs. 21 1/4″ at 5:47pm.

shortly after birth scout developed and infection, which landed him in the NICU since last week. he’s on the up and should be busting out by the weekend! prayers to your family.

love, melanie

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kacy - September 26, 2011 - 7:00 pm

a very late note to say WOW! about the slideshow! of course it was nothing short of amazing, just how we anticipated! we loved it… and just about fell over when we heard you used a joshua radin song! we love him and saw him in concert in cincinnati last year. my sister thought we had picked out the song…. it was just too perfect!
thanks again for all your hard work. we’re still so appreciative that you took so much time away from your family in order to capture ours!
scout is now at home and we’re all getting used to each other… whew! slideshow continues to get rave reviews thanks!!

kacy, matt, and scout

Heidi Christen - September 15, 2011 - 9:49 pm

Yikes I cried from start to finish. This is great.

Kelly - September 15, 2011 - 12:08 am

Poor Kacy I hate that you had to go through such a tough labor, but I’m sure you feel now that it was all worth it. Scout is so cute (and I LOVE his name). Congratulations to you both. You all (Melanie included!) are troopers! Congratulations Kacy & Matt and great shots Mel 🙂

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