guest post: noah demetrius birth story.

the last birth story you read was about big bro dominic. here is jenny’s birth story for baby bro noah! thanks again for sharing jenny! loved the stories. you would giggle while in between pushes! 🙂


My little Noah started out following in his brother’s footsteps.  I was due Nov. 13 and getting nowhere.  My doctor scheduled my inducement for the 15th before I had even hit my due date.  She didn’t want to interfere with Thanksgiving which I guess I appreciated but this scheduled inducement I was having a harder time with. With Dominic I was completely ok with it because I wanted Derrick to be there (he was on leave from a tour in Iraq for the birth of our first son).  But with Noah we were all here and I felt strongly about wanting to go into labor when Noah was ready and my body was ready.  My doctor assured me that if I wanted to cancel I could, so I kept that in the back of my mind.  On the 10th I went in for one last appointment.  Two amazing things happened that day. First, I had progressed to 3.5 cm and the doctor was quite confident I might not make it until the 15th. In fact, because I made it to 6.5 cm before I went to the hospital with Dominic she kept telling me not to wait this time because the second one usually comes faster. Second, I got a call from an employer about a job I was really interested in – they wanted to interview me on the 12th.  Without hesitating I accepted the interview and never mentioned I was literally due any day.

November 12th came and I dressed in the best interview outfit a 9 month pregnant lady can wear and waddled into that job interview.  I figured my situation was either going to help or hurt my chances.  The lady interviewing never even batted an eye at my ginormous belly and I sailed through all her questions and our discussions.  At the end when she asked if I had any questions I simply said, “No, but I’d like to address the 7lb elephant in the room” and proceeded to tell her I was scheduled to have a baby in 3 days and would be happy to start 6 weeks after that.  Her eyes got huge as she realized I truly was ready to drop. 🙂 Part of the interview was to submit a writing sample and a design piece which she was kind enough to tell me I could submit after having the baby.  I wanted the job so bad though that the next morning I woke up and knocked out both those pieces within 36 hours of my interview. Now I was ready to have a baby!

On the 14th I was so convinced that I wouldn’t be having Noah until the following evening that Dominic and I spent most of the day running errands, grocery shopping and picking out a new rug for Noah’s room.  When we got home that evening I whipped up a batch of chili for dinner with my sister and her fiancée, started laying the new rug and peed my pants. Oops! What the hell was that? I changed my pants and went back to flattening out that rug and peed my pants again.  Why does it always take a second time to realize what might be happening?  I stopped Derrick who was on his way out to a basketball game and called my mom to ask what it feels like when your water breaks. Did I mention that she had two scheduled c-sections? So I called my doctor. 🙂 She was still nervous about how fast this little guy might come so she asked if I would head to the hospital.  I was feeling no pain and quite calm. Derrick and Dominic on the other hand were racing through the house grabbing things and packing things. Dominic asked a million questions and grabbed a rosary. Luckily, I remembered to turn the stove off.

We hopped in the car, told my sister not to come over and headed to my parent’s.  When I pulled in the driveway and saw my parents, my sister and her fiancée giddy in the driveway I started remembering how awesome the next 24 hours were going to be.  It was better than Christmas and as exciting as walking up the aisle after Derrick and I got married.  We quickly got Dominic settled and headed to the hospital. Again he will never admit it but Derrick was nervous. He was driving so fast I had to ask him to slow down because I was going to get sick – not because my contractions were strong but because he was simply making me car sick.

This time we knew how to get to the hospital (we got lost with the first one) and I knew how to get to L&D. The only problem was there was no nurse to check me in. I waited patiently for 5 minutes. I peaked down the hall and called to a nurse who turned around and walked the other way. And then I got angry. I marched down that hall and asked to be checked in.  A snotty nurse explained that I should have called my doctor first and not just showed up (20 minutes later she found the fax from my doctor saying I was on my way).  The paperwork took forever and I was getting irritated rather quickly.  Luckily my contractions were minimal but the water just kept gushing.  Finally I asked to get to a room because my pants were soaked (and honestly I was trying to keep that fluid from dripping all the way down to my new running shoes). She simply just said, “Honey, didn’t you put a pad on?” Seriously lady? How I maintained my cool I’m not sure but I calmly replied, “Yes. Yes I did but it’s gushing everywhere and unless you want to clean up a mess out here a room would be nice.” And then she showed me to my room.

I was all settled and checked-in by 7:00 p.m. I was 5 cm but barely feeling my contractions.  I asked to wait on the epidural. I wanted it for the unbearable pain but not too soon as I didn’t like being confined to my bed last time.  Because I missed dinner they let me eat a turkey sandwich and told me they’d start pitocin at midnight.  So Derrick and I ate, walked around the hospital and tried to get some sleep.  At midnight the first dose of pitocin was administered and from there I was checked every hour with the second dose being administered at 2:00 a.m.  I was able to sleep between each check of my vitals and the contractions were slowly getting stronger, still I could handle the uncomfortableness.  Around 4:00 a.m. the nurse checked me and I was 6 cm, she again asked if I wanted the epidural but because I was still sleeping through contractions but  I declined.  And then at 6:00 a.m. a contraction so strong hit me that I practically threw myself out of bed.  I asked Derrick to call the nurse and let her know I was ready for my epidural. Unfortunately for me, another woman arrived at 8 cm and ready for her epidural. Guess who had to wait?

The difference between Dominic and Noah is that this time it was just Derrick and me in the room (Dom was born without a kidney which meant a few extra nurses and doctors in the room).  After an half hour I asked him to call down again at which they told me they were doing their best to hurry.  When the nurse finally arrived and checked me I was 8 cm (quite proud I was that far along and quite uncomfortable).  Surprisingly I never panicked and I did get my epidural.  And just like that I was at 10 cm and ready to push.  Again this time was so different it was just Derrick, me, a nurse and my doctor. The room seemed so empty to us. Between pushes we chatted with my doctor about what she did that weekend and giggled about how we still hadn’t decided on a name.  This is why I like the epidural.  It gave me enough relief to be fully aware of everything going on around me.  And just like that after a half hour of pushing and only a 2nd degree tear came my little Noah weighing in at 6lbs 14 oz and 20” long with the same jet black silky hair as his brother on nov 15, 2010!

As soon as Noah was born I felt a great sense of calmness and relief, as if the adrenaline just poured out my body and with that feeling I was once again reminded of the incredible experience of L&D.  I am no L&D junky but I love it and the stories that come with it.

And, I got that job.  The offer came 2 days after delivering Noah.  He is my good luck charm 🙂

 love, melanie.



Kelly - September 29, 2011 - 4:50 pm

Your boys are so incredibly cute!! Thanks for sharing your stories 🙂

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