a beautiful beginning: jane victoria’s birth story.

kelly and i are theoretically always on call, since a women can go into labor at anytime. but the two weeks before and after a due date we have to keep our phones close and equipment packed because at any time we could get the call to go. it’s like we are dr.’s buuuuuut with 1% of their pay! 🙂 i’ve never actually been notified about labor but not received the official “call” for two solid nights like this time. i got a text on tuesday morning at 3am that her water broke. it wasn’t until wednesday morning at about 7:30am andy told me to head up to the hospital. sheila labored naturally while practicing hypnobirthing techniques the first 24+ hrs. with the baby sitting posterior on top of hrs of laboring, dilating slowly, she decided she needed sleep in order to get this baby out without anymore interventions. once she had the epidural, she rested, finished dialating and then as her luck would have it, had to wait for the doctor’s arrival to push. her doctor is the same as mine and kelly’s and God love him, he rocks. apparently there was a little miscommunication and he wasn’t aware that after a few good pushes the baby would be here. once he was here, the dr offered for andy to “catch his baby” like he always does. sure enough, andy gloved up and was able to bring his beautiful daughter, jane victoria into the world! it was so stinkin’ cool to watch. just added so much more emotion into the delivery. a special moment between daddy and daughter, he will always remember. 7.15lbs, 20.5in long, she was adorable. sheila had a couple special hats she wanted photos in and since i had wonderful daylight to work with, i was able to snap a few before they headed to postpartum. andy was such a great support to sheila, so loving and affectionate. and sheila did a wonderful job laboring and bringing jane into the world. this was my last birth before my baby’s arrival and it pumped me up for my delivery. thanks to her doula, eileen, for being so sweet to me and ensuring i was eating and drinking as well! they picked out the song for the slideshow, which after listening to the song, i love that they chose it.

thank you so much sheila and andy for your patience in waiting for this slideshow. (i had a family crisis last thursday and well, slowly i’m trying to work some as a distraction from my current reality.) enjoy snuggling up to that baby girl!

peace, melanie.

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Mandi - December 5, 2011 - 12:07 am

Sheila and Andy
What an amazingly precious way to document the miracle of your daughter’s birth day. Congratulations Love, Mandi

Tina - November 11, 2011 - 3:46 pm

Congrats, Sheila and Andy! What a beautiful way to document your birthing journey! Amazing! I love you guys and my new, sweet little niece, Jane Victoria!

Kelly - November 11, 2011 - 2:50 pm

Congratulations Sheila & Andy – she is beautiful! An great shots Mel. Love the hats at the end and all of the great interaction between mom & dad. Perfect song choice too!

Rachel McCoy - November 11, 2011 - 2:32 pm

Melanie, these are so precious! Love the shot of Dr. Wall holding the baby….too sweet. Also love the ones of dad and the family. Great job! Blessings on you these next few weeks as you guys welcome your little man into the world!

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