a beautiful beginning: rylan joseph’s birth story.

You know those times when you are just SO HAPPY for your friend, you are bursting at the seams? That moment for me happened about 6 months ago when Kelly reached her second trimester. Carrying a child to fullterm wasn’t an issue with her first, Corbin, and for some reason only known by God, she had to face the loss of two babies before she could hold sweet Rylan in her arms yesterday. Kelly blogged about what has to be the absolute definition of bittersweet. I have never believed in coincidences, so when I walked into Kelly’s room yesterday I was NOT surprised which room she was in. Yep, she was in the exact room she miscarried/delivered the baby just before Rylan. They truly believe it was God’s way of blessing them with a little sense of healing, as do I.

On Monday morning we went to story-time together and whenever someone would ask her “how much longer?” I’d answer for her 🙂 , “he’s coming TONIGHT!” I even assured our yogi friends neither of us would be at yoga Tuesday because Kelly would be in the hospital with her baby. When she texted me late Monday evening to give me the heads up, I was pumped! He sure had perfect timing in so many ways for both of us! Kelly was checking in at triage by 11:30pm as I was finishing showering and packing up my gear. I arrived at 12:30 to a calm, still smiling, mama. She labored so beautifully, only letting out a few quiet sighs. Her rushes were back to back giving her enough time to move, but no time to be comfortable. Her mom and Donny did everything they could to support her, while she gracefully did her thing. Once complete, her water was still intact, so the dr. (who we both LOVE) broke it which instantly started her body into pushing mode. Squatting was most comfortable and with gravity on her side, she only had to work for a handful of minutes! At 2:57am Daddy was there to catch the 8.2lbs 19.75in of fury and was more than thrilled. Everything went so quick and smooth, I was back home and in bed before my husband had to get up for work! Heck yes.

Thank you for empowering me with your strength. I’m so happy he is here, and you are both healthy. Your faith and trust is so admirable, it’s amazing to me how happy you always are! I look forward to supporting you at your future son’s children’s birth! Right Donny? 🙂

Love you guys, Melanie.



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Renae - May 10, 2012 - 4:07 am

Wow! Amazing how they were put into that same room…God is great! Beautiful images; they made me cry and I don’t even know the couple 🙂

Kelly - May 9, 2012 - 10:34 pm

Melanie you truly are a rockstar! These images are beautiful and I am SOOOO thankful God worked the timing out so perfectly that you could be there not only to capture this experience but to support me as well. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. We will treasure these photographs of this very special birth forever and ever. We love so so much!

Donny - May 9, 2012 - 7:12 pm

Melanie – You are truly a great friend and an amazing photographer. Thank you so much for capturing these moments for us. It was an amazing experience and we were glad to have you there to share it with us.

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