a beautiful beginning: Ainsley Mara’s birth story.

Some babies are just far too comfortable in their mama’s bellies to make their debut in a timely manner. And really who can blame them? They pretty much have the life in there! Laura was no different than any new mom who can’t wait to meet their baby, but instead of getting too anxious, she just focused on soaking up some last little bits of rest and peace in preparation for her delivery. Everytime I talked to her prior to the delivery, she was always in such good spirits and never complained once about being overdue. I can’t say that I would be nearly as patient if it were me 🙂

Well as is often the case, Laura & Dale went in for their 41 week appointment and had an ultrasound to check on the baby. The ultrasound measured baby girl at 10.6lbs…give or take a 1lb. Seeing as how Laura & Dale are both very tall, they weren’t the least bit surprised at the size of the baby…however their doctor was a bit worried about shoulder dystocia and advised an induction. So they went to the hospital and started the process with a cervadil drip overnight on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning she had dilated some and was having contractions on her own, so she decided to hold off on getting Pitocin and let her body do all the work. They planned a natural delivery all along, so the less interventions the better. She continued to labor all day Thursday  – on the ball, walking the halls – doing everything she possibly could do move things along. Then around 11:30pm, her water broke and things really picked up. With the help of Dale and her amazing doula, she breathed through super intense contractions one on top of the other with no break in between for the next 3 hours…and then got the worst possible news…NO CHANGE! She was still only 4cm and her body seemed to be working against her for some reason. At that point everyone agreed that her best option was an epidural because after laboring all day and night, she needed REST. And thankfully the epidural allowed for everyone to get some much needed rest.

By 9:30am Friday morning she was fully dilated and Dale texted and said to come on up to the hospital. I arrived to a fresh-faced, peaceful mama relaxing to the music of her hypnobirthing CD. Within a couple of hours, Laura was pushing…and doing such a great job of it that we all thought the nurse would be delivering the baby! But her doctor arrived just in time and everyone was prepared for a potentially difficult delivery, but little Ainsley came out with ease and was perfectly fine. She did, however, give everyone a momentary scare because she took her sweet time taking her first breath. But once she did, all was right with the world and she got to snuggle in with some skin to skin time with daddy. She was a big girl…9.6lbs, 23″ long…but not quite as big as the ultrasound predicted.

Even though Laura & Dale did not get to have the birth experience they planned for, Ainsley’s birth was still beautiful and perfect and the way it was obviously meant to be. Laura & Dale have such a strong relationship that you could literally feel the love in the room. It was so touching as a bystander to witness 🙂

Lastly, we just have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Laura & Dale for being such huge supporters of what we do. Melanie and I were randomly contacted and interviewed by Channel 9 a few weeks ago about our birth photography and at the end of the interview, the reporter asked if we had any moms that were due soon that they could film for our story. Our interview was literally the day before Laura’s due date, so I contacted her to see what her thoughts were. I have to admit that I really didn’t expect her to be so cool with having a camera in her delivery room, but she was gracious enough to let them in after the baby was born. We are so excited to see how the feature all comes together and again we can’t thank you guys enough for your support 🙂 The story will air at 5:30pm on Nov.8 on Channel 9!

Love, Kelly

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