a beautiful beginning: Katherine Marie’s Birth story.

Like most of our births, we were contacted in the very early hours of morning that labor was in progress and things were definitely legit. When I arrived to the hospital, Lara was already 7cm. I didn’t expect to walk into a room where she was sitting so pretty, laboring with no meds, and acting so calm with a baby in posterior position. If you don’t know, posterior means awful back pain and very difficult to labor, much less while sitting. (She had an internal fetal monitor so they didn’t want her to move much.) Between contractions she was talking fine but once they started she did what all moms who are laboring naturally do, start to doubt themselves. There comes a time when you don’t know how to position yourself because everything is so uncomfortable it’s ridiculous  Derek and her sister were a wonderful support team, but the painful moments overrode the calm and at 9+cm she decided to save her energy and get an epidural. As we all told her, she should give herself plenty of credit because getting to that point is a HUGE deal. Once relaxed, her body lulled out for a few of hours before she was ready to evacuate baby Katherine. She was even up for skyping with her sister in Texas! (Technology rocks.)  Because Kate was likely still positioned slightly wrong, she was having trouble recovering with contractions so she needed a little help with some extra oxygen flow and a “kiwi” (slight suction). Once the 7.10lb, 21″ beauty was born, there was such relief and joy in the room. And as you see, even through all the labor and delivery, Lara managed to look perfect! You go girl. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time spoiling Kate, your love for her was so evident. Congrats to all!

Love, Melanie.

Kelly - December 6, 2012 - 2:31 am

Congratulations on your precious baby girl! Laura I’m jealous of how good you looked the whole time lol.

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