a beautiful beginning: orin colby’s birth story.

When we get hired to shoot a birth, 9 times out of 10 it is because a mom saw our work and convinces her husband that they need a birth photographer. With Meghann and Daniel, it was the exact opposite! Daniel called me literally a week before their scheduled c-section and basically hired me before he had Meghann totally on board. He was so excited and explained a little bit about their history…multiple pregnancy losses, a daughter with special needs, complicated c-sections, and an early trisomy 18 scare with this current baby. So when they read Nora Rose’s birth story, they were sold!

Due to some complications with her previous c-sections, Meghann had to have another c-section even though she’s going to Dr. Bowen now. But the good news is he stitched her up right this time and she should be able to try for a vbac next time if she wants. (And yes they are already planning a 4th haha!) I got to the hospital in time to see her before she went back for her surgery and then waited in anticipation with the rest of their family for their new little brother. The surgery went off without a hitch and little baby Orin is perfect! He was 8.1lbs, 22″ of pure joy 🙂 He was greeted by all 3 grandmas, both grandpas, and a big brother & big sister who love him already.

Congratulations Russell family!!

Love, Kelly


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