a beautiful beginning: mila grace’s birth story.

Liz & Jason are making their second debut on this blog…this time with a MUCH more pleasant and smooth birth experience – praise JESUS! Since big brother Liam’s birth was so long and complicated, Liz planned to be induced this time around no matter what. She even scheduled her induction around Melanie because they are good friends and it would only be natural for Melanie to photograph this birth as well. Since Mel is super pregnant [and miserable!] with her twins, she had a standing rule that IF the birth happened during daytime hours, she would do her best to be there – otherwise there was no way she was getting up in the middle of the night and rushing around.

Last Wednesday Liz was scheduled to start her induction early in the morning, but ended up getting a call from the hospital saying they were overbooked! She was super bummed to be put on standby, and spent the day anxiously awaiting the call to head up to the hospital. Finally she got the call late in the afternoon, and had her IV in place by 5:30pm. They immediately broke her water and after a few hours, her contractions started getting stronger and closer together. She was 3cm when she checked in, and was still 3-4cm at 8pm, so we knew at that point Melanie was going to be off the hook for shooting this birth. Poor Liz had to have her epidural put in twice because the first one didn’t take well, but after the second epi, she started progressing quick! At 9:30pm she was 5cm, 90% effaced and then I got a text at 10:15pm saying she’s 8-9cm “come quick!!”. I got out the door as fast as I could, and after getting denied entrance into the hospital because Liz accidentally put “No Info” on her registration and didn’t show up in the computer system (oops!), Jason let me in the front door and we rushed up to her room. I got my camera out and literally about 5 minutes later, Mila Grace slid right out at 11:26pm! One of the easiest deliveries I’ve ever witnessed for sure! She was much smaller than her brother, and was a perfect little bundle of sweetness weighing in at 7.9lbs, 20.5″ long.

Melanie was bummed she couldn’t be there this time around, but I’m so glad I made it in time. What a perfect birth for our last birth of the year! Congrats to Jason, Liz & Liam 🙂

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