a beautiful beginning: andrew seth’s birth story.

Exactly 10 days before her due date, I got a text from Courtney at 1:15pm saying her water broke, but nothing else was happening and she was only 2cm. She was at work when it happened, and thankfully she doesn’t live or work far from Good Sam, so she made her way to labor & delivery pretty quickly. Her labor was pretty fast with her first 2 kids, so they were hoping for the same with this one. The next couple of hours were pretty quiet with nothing much happening, so I was thinking it could still be awhile. Then at 5:30pm, her husband, Michael, texted and said she’s getting her epidural and things were getting serious. I didn’t know how far dilated she was at the time, but I went ahead and left the house as soon as I could.

As I was almost to the hospital exit, Courtney texted and said I’m only 3cm and they are increasing pitocin, you should have plenty of time. We usually don’t get to epidural births until 6-7cm, so I ended up going to my Bible study which was close by until she progressed further.  At 7pm, Courtney texted and said I’m 6cm, so I left right away and started back to the hospital. At 7:20pm I’m sitting at the light ready to pull in the parking garage and I get a text saying saying they are setting up to deliver…7:26pm I’m on the elavator and another text “It’s coming – hurry!”. 7:29pm a beautiful baby boy was born and I was literally minutes too late 🙁 Who would have thought she would go from 3cm to delivered in barely 2 hours!! At least I was still able to capture the first moments of little Andrew being laid on Courtney’s chest and mom & dad’s reaction to the surprise of a boy. (Since they already had a boy and a girl, they decided to have the 3rd be a surprise).

Once Courtney was all cleaned up, big sibs Isaac & Miriam got to come and meet their baby brother before the rest of the troops came in. Isaac was so taken with Andrew and had 1,000,000 questions for Courtney and the nurses. It was so cute! Shortly after, the rest of the family came in and gave Andrew quite the loving welcoming party! Aside from missing the actual delivery by a few minutes, it was a great evening and everyone is doing well. Andrew was a healthy 7.5lbs, 20″ long and oh so loved! Congrats to all!

Love, Kelly

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