Welcome Charlotte Anne. {Just Born}

This sweet little girl took her time baking past her EDD, unlike her big bros early arrivals. This may just be the perfect indicator of who the new boss is in the house! Anne and I kept in touch from the start of this pregnancy and she was so excited to have me there for her natural birth. As days went on, of course the baby waited till the middle of the night before I had a long wedding day to act up and spike Mama’s BP. Anne was forced to labor with the Pit and she did wonderfully. I went to sleep at 1030p and she was only 3cm. I was up and down all night with my own babies and finally texted her at 4am wondering what the heck was going on since she has a track record for fast deliveries. To my surprise, Lottie was already here! WHAT?! At close to 2am her water broke at 5cm and immediately her body transitioned and she started to push. With the quickness, the baby was here! They didn’t even have time to call me, not that I would have even gotten dressed, made the 35 min drive and arrived before baby!! Geesh. So I came up first thing Sunday, which was absolutely perfect because then I got to be there with big brothers, Deacon and Cohen. It was so cool to see Anne dress her in the same outfit she came home from the hospital in 31yrs ago! Even more awesome, there was a volunteer distributing to the Catholic families, so we shared Communion together too! Though we were both disappointed I wasn’t able to make her birth, I’m glad it still worked out even better in the end. This lady is so loved, I mean, she already has like 12 nicknames! Charlie, Lottie, Char, CharChar, Calvin…

Welcome Charlotte Anne | Born October 17, 2015 | 7.14lbs | 19.75″

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