welcome gwenyth jean! {just born}

When Priscilla emailed last minute asking if I could do a just born for her since this was her last baby and she and Eric were getting all sentimental about it, how could I say no? Especially since they are such a sweet family and I miss seeing her on a regular basis. They did not find out the gender this time, but having a second girl to round out the family turned out perfect! Priscilla went 10-12 days late with her other 3 kids, and I was so glad she was only 2 days late this time and that she got the perfect natural birth she desired. Precious little Gwenyth is so loved and was welcomed by older brothers Simon & Walker and older sister Eden. Congratulations to the whole family and have fun with 4 kids 6 and under 😉

Welcome Gwenyth Jean | Born December 5, 2015, 4:43pm | 7.9lbs | 20″

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Love, Kelly

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