a beautiful beginning: archer james birth story.

One thing that is certain about this birth is that Sarah is a ROCKSTAR! On top of waiting 11 days AFTER his due date to make his debut, little Archer was not cooperating and put his poor mama through 18 hours of labor and a combination of 5 hours of pushing before he was finally born.

Seeing as how here due date came and went, Sarah & Chas were making an evening ritual of going to Kenwood Mall to walk almost every day. Then it finally happened – her water broke at the mall around 6:30pm on the evening of 2.6.17. They went home and since contractions were 18 minutes apart, they knew they had plenty of time to shower and get everything ready for the hospital. Labor intensified quickly and by 11:40pm, they were headed to the hospital with contractions every 4 minutes.  By the time they arrived at the hospital, contractions were coming even closer than that but she was only 3cm dilated.

That intensity continued ALL NIGHT and since Sarah was planning an unmedicated birth, she labored through it beautifully. Finally a littler before 7am, she felt the urge to push, but after almost 3 hours of pushing with zero progress due to Archer being posterior. By that time, Sarah was obviously more than spent and her doctor advised getting an epidural so she could rest for awhile. Thankfully she took his advice because after another 2 hours of pushing with Dr. Bowen trying to manually turn the baby, he finally had to resort to forceps to get the little chunker out! As soon as he was out, everyone was commenting on how big he was and it was no wonder it took some intervention to get him out.

He weighed in a a whopping 10.4 lbs and was 22.5″ long! Sarah had an awesome birthing team to help her through all of the long hours of natural labor (thanks Jen for taking some of the photos overnight when I couldn’t be there ;)) and everyone was so relieved to meet the sweet, healthy baby boy. Congrats to Sarah & Chas and the excited, adoring grandparents!

Welcome Archer James | Born February 7, 2017 at 1:56pm | 10lbs. 4ozs. | 22 1/2 in.

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