A Beautiful Beginning: Lucy Drew’s Birth Story.

Stephanie asked me months and months ago to shoot her birth but seeing as though it was going to be a cesarean, I was optimistically cautious. Eventually she got permission from her beloved Dr. Schwartz and the hospital, which in itself was amazing to me! Now, I’ve been allowed in cSections before but it was never a preplanned event, always a situational spur of the moment choice by the staff. When the Dr arrived, he told us that his flight home from New York Monday night was cancelled as well as future flights from bad weather. He didn’t want to miss Stephanie and Brian’s birth first thing Tuesday so his wife and him rotated driving the 12+ hours home, arriving a few hours before surgery. WHAT A GUY! After he said that, I knew he was going to be awesome to work with because what an effort he made to keep them all happy!

In the operating room, everyone was as lovely as could be to Steph, Brian and I. Dr Schwartz encouraged me to move around the room as I pleased. They didn’t know the sex of the baby, so they decided they wanted me to get Brian’s face instead of the baby’s. They really thought it was a boy, but got another chubby baby girl, practically looking identical to Bailey at birth! At 9:30am, 9lbs even and 21 1/4″, she came out scaaaareaming! Once in the room she was as calm as ever while the whole family doted on her! Big sibs couldn’t get enough of her and frankly, didn’t want to do anything but hold her! How sweet!

Good luck adjusting to a family of 5! I hope she’s the perfect balance of both the big kid’s personalities! She’s beautiful. Thanks so much for having me! I so loved getting way close and personal with your guts. 🙂 Really getting to watch the surgery in detail was so fascinating! What a great experience!

Love, Melanie.

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