welcome henry david {just born}

Well this was supposed to be a full birth post, but this adorable little man came speeding into the world so fast that the doctor barely made it for his delivery! Tina went fast with big sister Violet, but nobody was prepared for her to go from 6cm to delivered in about 15 minutes – no joke!! The whole family is SO EXCITED they had a BOY and I just know he is going to be spoiled rotten 🙂 Congrats to Dave, Tina, and bis sisters Rose & Violet!

Welcome Henry David | Born August 17 at 2:57pm | 6.6lbs | 19.5″HenryBlog.01HenryBlog.02HenryBlog.03HenryBlog.04HenryBlog.05HenryBlog.06HenryBlog.07HenryBlog.08HenryBlog.09HenryBlog.10HenryBlog.11HenryBlog.12HenryBlog.13HenryBlog.14HenryBlog.15HenryBlog.16HenryBlog.17Love, Kelly

Karen Treft - August 23, 2017 - 4:23 pm

Amazing pictures Kelly!!!

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