a beautiful beginning: Olivia Elise’s birth story.

Finding out your baby is breech makes all the moms feel stressed and worried for the next couple months ahead. This isn’t life threatening by any means, but when you have in mind how you want to deliver your baby, most people don’t exactly hope for a major surgery! In fact, most try to avoid it if they can, especially when there’s other children at home they’ll have to attend to postpartum. Liz hadn’t given up hope of flipping her, even when she walked in for her scheduled cSection. She agreed to be prepped for surgery in the OR with her epidural in place so long as they could try one last thing before the knife. ECVs don’t always work, especially at 39wks, especially with a frank breech baby (pike position). With lots of lube, lots and lots of pressure and manipulation, the resident and Dr were thrilled to get Livy to spin! As Liz wiped the tears of joy away, poor Jason went white after watching the pain inflicted on his girl and then got sick. Even having been through a Version myself with my oldest, it still wasn’t easy to watch. But it was quite humorous/ironic capturing them wheeling out a happy mama with daddy left behind in the OR with his head in the trash. HA! It’s all part of the story, Jason! :0

Since the plans completely changed we didn’t know what to expect next. The Dr broke her water and sent us to a L&D room greeting us with new nurses during shift change. Olivia’s head was down, but no where near engaged as it would have been over the last couple weeks. Hours passed and Liz’s pain was in and out of control as it was a strange concept starting with an epidural before any contractions had begun! From sunrise to sunset we chilled in the room, then finally she was complete…during the second shift change! Gah! With an epi hot spot, she was feeling the baby ready to come out and not so happy her Dr was delivering next door! A resident suited up and assisted as the Dr ran in just in time to welcome 7.1lb 19″ sweet little Livy. Liam and Mila arrived not long after to meet little seester and just couldn’t get enough of her! What an exciting time in the Goldschmidt house! Also, congrats on being part of the three-peat BB mama’s club! 😉 Enjoy that chaooooos!

Love you guys, Melanie.

Ps. Thanks to my (brand new that day!)  babysitter unexpectedly working 8 extra hrs so I could hang with my friends/clients!

Jacquelyn - September 29, 2017 - 9:11 pm

Beautifully captured.

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