A beautiful beginning: Bellamy Autumn’s birth story.

Almost exactly three years ago, Rachel gracefully gave birth to Bailey at Christ. I knew after watching her labor then, that she hid her pain well which means it’s hard to tell where she is in progression. She let me know early Wednesday morning that cramping started at 4a and every couple hours we chatted as her contractions followed the 3 active labor rules. “Longer, stronger and closer together.” By 3p she was pretty consistently 2-3min apart and struggling to speak through the rushes. I arrived to their home on wheels parked in the grass with her and Bailey just casually hanging out, while Cory was inside the bus clearing space to prepare for what was to come! Life was just continuing on around her while she’d pause and tilt her head back, maybe even sway a little. Then right back to playing with Bailey, who recognized Rachel’s pain and ALWAYS needed to hold Mommy right after.

As the sun continued to fall, her waves grew closer and more powerful leaning into Cory for support. She knew she wanted to have a water birth, so as the midwives came and we knew she was transitioning, she made her way into the tub. Cory heated the water for her from boiling water on their hotplate as the rest of us watched Rachel carry on with her bad self. The heat of the night and the sounds of nature mixed with deep moans filled the bus. Soon she felt the urgency to push while Dad reached behind in the water to help redirect the baby forward as Bailey stood on her tippy toes to see all that she could into the tub! Her little motherly spirit rubbed mommy’s head, arm and even encouraged her with “Good job mommy! Baby coming?” 😍  With a quick exclamation, “BABYS OUT!” she scooped all 5.4lbs, 18.75″ of slippery baby up into her arms. First a huge sigh of relief followed with a quick check for the gender! Another GIRL! Papa and Bailey were right!

Just like her big sis, she was slow to cry and was more interested in just looking around and observing this new big and bright world! They moved their way from the tub to the couch where they spent the rest of the night cuddling up as a family! Bailey was completely smitten with her baby sis and even happy to share Mommy’s milks before helping cut the cord! I know she’ll be so eager to show her baby all the cool things about living a simple life on the road!

I couldn’t be more thrilled that it all worked out perfectly. I’ll tell ya what. I HAVE NOT missed the intense anxiety from the “I’m in labor” text then waiting and waiting to drop it all, get my kids some place and rush out. But I have so dearly missed the beauty and messy bits that surrounds all things birth. I mean, for goodness sake, the joy I had playing around with the umbilical cord still attached to both baby and placenta while patting that teeny tush to calm a fresh beeb, was off the charts! 🤣 My heart has certainly missed my niche and hurts to know I have many more months before the hospitals will let me in! Y’all. I fully support and promote home/bus births. Let’s do more of this.


WELL DONE, MAMA! You rocked it so smoothly making it look like the most easy and romantic thing ever! Thanks for having me back and parking some place close enough for me to make the drive!💞 Heart, Melanie

Janice Etherton - August 15, 2020 - 1:45 am

I’m so happy for your family. What a beautiful way to bring life and love to the world. 💜

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