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A beautiful beginning: Bellamy Autumn’s birth story.

Almost exactly three years ago, Rachel gracefully gave birth to Bailey at Christ. I knew after watching her labor then, that she hid her pain well which means it’s hard to tell where she is in progression. She let me know early Wednesday morning that cramping started at 4a and every couple hours we chatted […]

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A Beautiful Beginning: Sloan Kendall’s Birth Story

Heather has known her whole adult life that she wanted to have 4 kids. Step children were welcomed and loved too, but she wanted to birth 4 of her very own! Even when her and Dave got engaged, their combined royal flush of children aged: 9,10,11,12&13(!!), she still felt the urge to have one more, […]

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A Beautiful Beginning: Margo Joy’s birth story

Sometimes births are so wild they leave me with my jaw dropped, my brows raised, standing there hoping to capture anything I can with an obstructed view amidst the chaos! All of their friends and family had been holding our breaths waiting for Katie to have a successful pregnancy with a live birth after many […]

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