A Beautiful Beginning: Lewis Gregory.

Becki and Mike were planning their baby before the wedding festivities even happened. They were ready and everyone was so excited with it only just being their 1st anniversary a couple weeks ago. Her younger sister surprised everyone by having the first grandchild just a month before Becki (the other baby in slideshow ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Now Kelley and Greg are telling everyone they have “twin grandbabies” since they’re so close in age.

Becki did a great job laboring at home and checking in, already 6cm. She was tired and ready to relax and enjoy the rest of her delivery with her family all around them. Once the epidural was in, she was back to all smiles. That is, until it was confirmed that baby was moving from posterior to right OP. UGH! After lots of manuevering of Becki and baby via wrist deep Dr :0, she was able to start pushing. And she kept pushing… They turned down the epi in hopes to let her feel how and where to push better. Beck felt the pain rise and was getting nowhere. Ultrasound showed not only was baby facing sideways, but his head was cocked back and he was quite stuck. They opted for a cesarean before it became an emergency. The nurses, Dr and I had formed a bond by this point (7hrs together) and allowed me to “scrub in.” WINNING! Originally I was supposed to be allowed in once baby was in warmer, but the charge nurse ran over and let me in just before he was out. YES. Because he was so stuck and it required said nurse to reach up and push him from downtown, while the Dr pulled up and out via incision, it became an emergency. They took him out and whisked him to the warmer where he needed some extra TLC because of being so “stunned” after his tough transition out of the womb. Thank the Lord and with some help from Mike’s Mom from up above, baby Lewis responded well and it was back to routine after a handful of minutes. Grandma Elizabeth Louise is his namesake with the male version, “Lewis.” I truly felt her in the room during those first few minutes and especially while watching Mike hold his first born for the very first time. Emotions were high.

The rest of the gang rallied on in the waiting room, excited to hear of the healthy 7.11lb, 19 3/4, head full of hair,first grandson! So much fun watching them all swoon. Because Lewis hadn’t quite adjusted to the outside yet, they kept him on Mama’s chest while he learned to breathe a little easier. Since it was already nearing 2am and it wouldn’t be for another couple hrs till they moved him, they told me to go home and rest. Now I just have to wait to squish him all up at their newborn session! Then he’s alllll mine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for letting me hang out for half a day. It was fun for me, maybe not so much you guys at parts, but I always value my time with the Blehs! You both did amazing. He so dang cute! I can’t wait for my kids to meet him.


Love, Melanie

JennyBZ - September 18, 2015 - 3:58 pm

Holy ish. I started out reading this excited, then absolutely terrified, then bawling. What an amazing story and perfect little baby Lewis. And I love that pic of you and dad w the masks on! Big big congrats to Becki and mike. Oh and I absolutely positively NEED you there in February. I will hold this baby in until you can get here. xx

Ruth Hitchcock - September 17, 2015 - 4:53 pm

Beautiful, awesome, special, adorable, precious pictures!!! Congratulations to the Jean and Bleh families!

a beautiful beginning: finley alan’s birth story.

Just shy of 2 years to the day, Sam found herself in a very familiar position this time around…overdue with her second baby boy. This time, however, she was just days overdue rather than over a week with their first son, Max. And just like last time, I was super anxious for this birth because I knew I had over an hour drive and I’m 8+ months pregnant. As much as we hate it, Mel and I don’t shoot at Family Beginnings anymore because it is just too far of a drive now that our families have grown quite a bit since we first teamed up to shoot births. But, since Sam is such a sweet repeat client, I just couldn’t say no this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Sam and I stayed in touch often leading up to her due date, and every text was the same…everything going great but still no signs of labor. Then at 4:30am on 9/1/15 I got a text from her saying she was just admitted to the hospital and was 4cm. Her contractions were 4-5 mins apart at that point and since there was no way to predict how fast her labor would progress, I got up and out the door in the hopes that I would not get stuck in the morning rush hour traffic. I checked in at 7:30am and nothing new was happening. Then at 9:30am, Mark texted and said she was 6cm and they were breaking her water. I got to her room about 30 minutes later and she was definitely progressing fast by the sounds of her moans.

She got in the water for a bit to try and relax and it wasn’t long before she couldn’t stand that and asked to get on the bed and checked. The nurse checked her and she was basically complete aside from a lip of cervix that she easily removed with a quick push from Sam. They called the midwife and thankfully she was close by because Sam only pushed a few times before her sweet, chubby baby boy was on her chest. I was not allowed to photograph the actual delivery this time due to a change in the birthing center rules, but it was a super quick, easy (not that Sam thought so at the time) delivery for the most part. Finley Alan was born at 11:14am and weighed in at 9.2 lbs, 21″ which was just slightly bigger than big brother Max.

I didn’t get to see Max’s reaction to his little brother because it was his nap time and the grandparents were not bringing him up to the birthing center until later that day to meet Finley. But I’m sure they will be best buds (and each other’s worst enemy) in a couple years just like my boys are ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats to Sam, Mark and big brother Max!! So glad it worked out for me to be there this time around as well and best of luck as you adjust to being a family of 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, Kelly