A Beautiful Beginning {Keira Isabelle’s Birth Story.}

It’s officially a trend now for the Mertz births where Kelly is slow to progress then boom, she’s compete. Uh, we knew this was a thing. We talked about it being a thing. Then when she went from “she’s still 4cm” to a few minutes later, “actually, she’s complete and getting ready to push.” I found myself doing what I do, burning rubber in the minivan. (Like for realsy, not exaggerating. There’s a GIF of a minivan with smoking wheels, I think that was made from the Mothership in action.) Sprinting from the garage, all the steps, down the halls and running with cameras, thankfully, already attached to my harness. And of course, completely parched and out of breath, much the same as Kelly was on the hospital bed. I caught the last 15min of pushing as little miss was stuck on the pubic bone since she twisted herself out of a perfect Anterior position, just long enough for mama to cry in frustration. Then just like that, she twisted back and out came 7lb Keira with an excellent set of lungs like her biggest sister, Charlotte, did 5yrs ago! Speaking of big sisters, when Billy went out to announce, the girls ran to him with squeals of “Can we go meet her now! I can’t wait to see her!” Once in the room, all 5 Mertzes were perfect as can be. So many pretty girls Billy is responsible for now! Audri said to him, “Charlotte is my best friend but I want Keira to be our best friend too!” And THAT is a job well done, Mom and Dad! Congrats to everyone!

Love, Melanie

Ps. Thanks for delivering in time for me to make both the birth and allowing me to scoot out to support my Rachey at the Light the Night walk too. 😉 Truly, it all couldn’t have worked out better! Youda best.

Terri and Bill - November 25, 2018 - 5:13 pm

Beautiful pictures of my gorgeous granddaughter, Keira Isabelle Mertz! Love her and your pictures, Mel! Thank you so much!

Lillian Anne {Just Born}

So much fun was happening in the hospital room yesterday that giggles must have echoed down the halls! Louie met his new baby SISTER, Lillian, and couldn’t have been cuter about it! He was too nervous to hold her so we tried all the silly things to get them as close together as possible. I had to include that one stink face shot because it was when he figured out we were tricking him and a perfect reaction. HA! Congrats and good luck with all the pink! It just kinda happens whether you like it or not! 😉

Welcome Lillian Anne | Born October 9, 2018 | 8lbs 5oz | 20″

Love, Melanie

welcome Isla Rose {Just Born}

The surprise of a little sister was so exciting for Avery and Finn! They were ridiculously cute and gentle with Isla as they continuously rubbed her “fuzzy” head and counted her teeny toes! They wanted her all to themselves and thrilled they get to keep her forever! Great news for Maria and Conor that they have two little, but big, helpers! Congrats! She’s beautiful! Good luck with recovery, Maria! Welcome to the world, Isla!

Born August 15, 2018 | 8lbs 14oz | 21.75″ | 10:54 pm

Love, Melanie

Isla. » LOFT 3 PHOTOGRAPHY - August 17, 2018 - 8:09 pm

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