Welcome Quinn Veronica {Just born}

They thought for sure “she” was a “he” and had settled on their boys names. Then SHE was here after just a handful of hours of unexpected labor and they hadn’t come close to choosing her name!  I watched them survey all the people and it was decided she would be a Quinn! They chose Veronica after Katie’s grandma whose bday was March 9 and her angelversary is the 10th, so continuing her legacy is extra special to her family. The Foxbowers are now three-peat BB clients and hilarious. The chaos is comforting and I always feel like I’m hanging with family! Congrats on becoming FIVE, this squishy little gal is perfection!

Welcome Quinn Veronica | Born March 6, 2018 | 5:52a | 9lbs | 19.5″

Love, Melanie

Gretchen GG Mikolajczak - March 8, 2018 - 2:32 pm

Kate & Mark, Congratulations! Quinn is a precious beauty. Welcome to the world little sweetheart, you are loved. Hugs and kisses all around! ❤️ Gretchen and John

Welcome Eleanor Grace {Just Born}

This cute little lady was born into a house of crazy. God bless her and Mommy. :0 But alas, Bob was right, and it was a girl!  The welcoming committee was kinda “meh” like most little boys are, but eventually warmed up and snuggled her! She already has quite the accessorized wardrobe which is not a surprise after having two big brothers come first. Can’t wait to shoot her newborns next week!

Welcome Ella | born February 10, 2018 | 7.9lbs | 19.5″


Guest Post {Taylor’s Birth Story}

Read below for Taylor’s brith story! Thanks for sharing!


The day was emotional, unexpected and completely unforgettable.

The day was 9 days overdue.

I was an exhausted, first time mom, waiting for the exciting yet scary moment I thought I had thoroughly prepared for. Birthing classes spent with my mom (aka my doula) and my husband, notes taken, reading countless articles, experiences, you name it I did the research. I was prepared for anything.

My due date came and went… and my expectations of what birth would be like went with it.

I received phone calls and text messages daily to confirm I was still, in fact pregnant. The suspense was killing everyone and their impatience was wearing off on me.

So I danced around the living room for days, stopping only to eat Jalapeño Kettle chips. The talk of being induced was not an option, not for me anyway. I had a no meds attitude and was determined to keep my stance.

And then it happened. All these hot, greasy foods, walking, dancing, bouncing and complaining of discomfort finally brought the most glorious, yet scary day we’d all been waiting for….

This typical Sunday morning I woke up, incredibly uncomfortable and STILL incredibly large and pregnant. My sleep was less than blissful at this stage in the game, so I woke with an ugly attitude. We had plans to go over to my in-laws that early evening for spaghetti, which seemed the only thing I had to look forward to for this day. So I walked my three miles that morning, seriously contemplated taking castor oil, got dressed in the largest clothes the entire household had to offer and we headed out to our Jeep.

I lifted my leg to begin the struggle to get into the tall vehicle when I felt the liquid poor down my legs. I honestly couldn’t tell if I had peed myself or what just happened. This late in the stage, peeing at unexpected moments wasn’t entirely uncommon. So I just stood there waiting for the water to stop, as if I developed yet another unfortunate pregnancy side effect… but the water kept coming, kept streaming down my legs. I looked at my husband and said “I think my water just broke”.

Now with all the research I had done, my water breaking was one thing I was sure wouldn’t happen. Not only did I read it makes labor more difficult, causing pressure to be stronger from the get go, but also typically first time moms have their water broken for them or it happens much further along in labor. So I guess I decided in my research that this wouldn’t be me.

Well, wrong again. So here goes the string of unexpected things to occur.

I waddled back into our home to find more, large, stretchy pants… tried to clean myself up and call the doctor at the same time. They told me to come in and they would do a test to confirm my water broke. I got sort of dry, though I felt disgusting, and as I tried to put on clean pants, more water came out and soaked them. This happened over and over again until finally I gave up, and waddled back to our Jeep feeling soggy.

My husband brought the hospital bag and a few towels to put on the Jeep’s seat, protecting his other “baby” I suppose.

Every bump, every turn, everything on the road caused more water to come gushing out on our way to the hospital, meaning 20 minutes of taking a bath in my own body fluids. Thank you for those towels!

As we finally pulled into the parking lot, I was drenched, literally dripping and cold from being wet. I refused to sit in the wheel chair they offered simply because I was so gross and felt like they’d need to throw out the chair once I was done with it. The birthing floor we wanted was floor three (of course) so I had a long, wet waddle ahead of me, leaving a dripping trail of water behind with every step.

Finally we got escorted to our room. They took the test and confirmed this was not just an over active bladder situation and gave me a gown to put on. At this time, I was so overwhelmed. I had brought my own gown from home but didn’t want to wear it because I was already so disgusting.

I quickly realized that the pictures I looked through on Pinterest of these beautiful moms who just birthed naturally and still look incredible, was never going to be me. I already felt raw and animal like through contractions, paying no mind to the fact that my hair was half up in a bun, half fallen out in rats, mascara running down my face from sweat and completely immodest in every way shape and form.

Here’s where being a mom truly begins. Concerned only about the task at hand and your children rather than keeping your own self together. 

The nurses soon into my labor explained they would need to put an IV in my arm. I guess my research did me some good as I said no, knowing that if I had an IV then it would be easier for me to give in to pain medications offered anytime during the labor. I didn’t want any temptation.

I wanted a natural birth and an IV was simply not necessary. They explained that it was procedure. They tried to persuade me by saying that “if something when wrong then”… or “if you get dehydrated then we could”… So I said, “If I make you a deal that I promise to drink as much fluids as you ask me to, would I still need to put in an IV?” The nurse went and talked to the doctor while I finished out another contraction. I’ll never forget the two of them talking in the hall. I was barely coherent during contractions, but I knew enough to see he was willing to let the IV thing go. He said, “I think she’s strong enough to get through this”. And that confidence my doctor had in me gave me even more strength to keep going. Now I was on to drinking my weight in cranberry juice!

My plan was to have a water birth or at least labor the majority of the time in the tub.

All my life I enjoyed taking baths as it would smooth my period cramps. So naturally I felt this would benefit me during labor. I was so very wrong, once again. I hated the tub. They tried filling it up three different times, with varying temperatures, different depths, and each time I lasted a total of two contractions max and then demanded to get out. The water seemed to make my contractions worse, never soothing me the way I had hoped.

The birthing classes talked about natural pain management options, such as swaying or humming through contractions, all of which did not help. What did help? My mom started counting with me through contractions, 1 to 26 every. single. time. This slow count was the only thing that got me through. It kept my brain focused on the fact that it would soon be over, one contraction at a time. If a contraction started and she wasn’t near me, I just started counting on my own, chanting out loud, until my husband or mom found my hand and joined in.

I don’t remember much of these 7 hours of labor. Only the constant feeling like I was about to meet my child for the first time and I was showing her from the very beginning just how incredibly strong a woman can be. We are able to go through pain so intense and yet determination allows us to endure. We are able to face fears without a tear and fight battles we know we’ll win. Birthing naturally isn’t a must in this day and age with so many options available to women. And many women say they don’t need to prove anything to anyone. That’s true. For me, it wasn’t about other people. For me, birthing naturally was about proving to myself that I could. It was about my baby, giving her the best option from the very beginning. For me, it was the only option that felt right, despite the pain. And looking back, I would not have done it any other way.

Next it came time to push. My doctors confidence in me continued as he explained that he sees less than 10% of women get this far without help. He then said I was ready to push and gave me some quick tips, all of which went through one ear and out the other. It was instinct at this point in the game.

I was there pushing for a total of two hours. Two hours of pushing is similar to torture. My doctor said, “we better see a baby soon or we’re all going to have hemorrhoids!”. Everyone laughed but me. But then my baby’s head began to crown.

She was very coherent throughout the birthing process because of my natural approach. She was not in any way drugged or sluggish. And after a large push, I begin to hear my doctor chuckle… “I love this kid! She keeps wiggling her head back and forth during contractions trying to help her mom out!” And at this moment, I was on top of the world. My baby was working with me. My baby girl was aware of her big moment and by instinct she was going to be born. Within two more pushes, that’s exactly what happened. Ironically born on Labor Day, 2016.

She came out as healthy as she could be. She had lungs that let out her first cries while in my arms. And she never stopped telling us how she felt until after her dad got to hold her in his arms. He simply started talking to her and she calmed down. The sound of his voice was comforting, familiar. That moment of quiet I will never forget. The moment when I realized my family had grown and we were a unit, the three of us, better together than apart.


a beautiful beginning: Isa Lucille’s Angel Birth story

Finding the words to the stories I have to share is never something I want to do. No words can give justice to the story, the fight, the anguish. My heart hurts so deeply that the knots haven’t left my stomach in the 24+ hrs I’ve known that sweet Isa gained her wings too early and is soaring high in paradise, along side Katie’s dad.

Katie and Ryan’s journey has been long and full of way to much heart ache for one couple. They finally received their rainbow after so much loss, in Edie Grace a couple years ago. When Katie shared early on she was pregnant again, I was THRILLED to be there to document for them again. Anxiously she made it safely into her second trimester which brought great relief! She had waited to announce her pregnancy after her anatomy scan, however cloud nine was ripped from beneath them as they learned baby girl had a number of issues, most importantly in heart failure. From then it was a waiting game and a promise to carry her till God’s will be done. Isa, meaning, “strong willed and devoted to God”, and my word was she ever, made it to 33wks. Katie knew in her heart and with the pains, that her baby girl had completed her journey and her tiny soul no longer needed her body. Once confirmed, the doctors admitted and started the induction process. Within a handful of hours, Isa presented her teeny foot first. Thankful for the epidural cranked up, Katie’s body did the work without her effort as she could focus on breathing and getting through those awful moments of delivering her angel baby.

Isa’s sweet little scrunched up “angry” face and her perfect little button nose were all tucked nicely into a warm sleeper and blanket for her to rest comfortably in her loved ones arms. The weight of her newborn on her chest will never be forgotten. Our friend, Aleisa (no stranger to here) ministered over Katie, Ryan and their baby as she received her baptismal blessings. Tears flowed as grandparents met and kissed their sweet angel for the first and last time. Precious “I’ll love you and remember you forever” messages whispered into her tiny ears. Her middle name, Lucille means “light” and that she was and will continue to be. Only here for a moment but remembered for a lifetime. She’s so lucky to be free and spared from the suffering on Earth. Fly high little one.

Thanks to all of my friends, welcoming me into such horrific times and trusting me to capture the tender moments in both sadness and joy. I wish you didn’t have these experiences to share with me. 🙁 I’m humbled and bow down in knowing life is so fragile. I know this entire pregnancy and diagnosis may come to a shock to many but it was the Blevins’ wish to share this story so that future couples walking in their shoes can find hope it. Most importantly that she doesn’t have to tell this story of heartbreak over and over and ooooover again and this post will not only allow them empathy towards them and their families but also to step back and count your blessings. <3

“An angel wrote in the book of life my baby’s date of birth, then whispered as she closed the book, ‘too beautiful for Earth’.”

Isa Lucille | 3lbs 13oz | 14 inches long | 10.10.17| 12:18am

Love you guys. You’re always. Always. On my mind and close to my heart. XO, Melanie

Graham "Spanky" Broadhurst - October 19, 2017 - 2:37 am

R’Bee and Katie. Thoughts and prayers for you all at this time.
Love, Spanky.

JTBlevins - October 12, 2017 - 3:25 am

Katie Ryan family
I’m praying for our Angel

A. Holloway - October 12, 2017 - 12:30 am

I have no words. I am so sorry. Every drop of love and every prayer in my heart is sent to all of you. I pray for peace and healing and for Isa’s beautiful soul.

B. Schwallie - October 11, 2017 - 1:13 am

Words cannot express on how beautiful and respectful you captured Isa’s Angel birth story. Thank you so much from our family, much love always ❤️

JennyBZ - October 10, 2017 - 10:51 pm

I don’t have any words. Just sending so much love and so many prayers.

a beautiful beginning: Olivia Elise’s birth story.

Finding out your baby is breech makes all the moms feel stressed and worried for the next couple months ahead. This isn’t life threatening by any means, but when you have in mind how you want to deliver your baby, most people don’t exactly hope for a major surgery! In fact, most try to avoid it if they can, especially when there’s other children at home they’ll have to attend to postpartum. Liz hadn’t given up hope of flipping her, even when she walked in for her scheduled cSection. She agreed to be prepped for surgery in the OR with her epidural in place so long as they could try one last thing before the knife. ECVs don’t always work, especially at 39wks, especially with a frank breech baby (pike position). With lots of lube, lots and lots of pressure and manipulation, the resident and Dr were thrilled to get Livy to spin! As Liz wiped the tears of joy away, poor Jason went white after watching the pain inflicted on his girl and then got sick. Even having been through a Version myself with my oldest, it still wasn’t easy to watch. But it was quite humorous/ironic capturing them wheeling out a happy mama with daddy left behind in the OR with his head in the trash. HA! It’s all part of the story, Jason! :0

Since the plans completely changed we didn’t know what to expect next. The Dr broke her water and sent us to a L&D room greeting us with new nurses during shift change. Olivia’s head was down, but no where near engaged as it would have been over the last couple weeks. Hours passed and Liz’s pain was in and out of control as it was a strange concept starting with an epidural before any contractions had begun! From sunrise to sunset we chilled in the room, then finally she was complete…during the second shift change! Gah! With an epi hot spot, she was feeling the baby ready to come out and not so happy her Dr was delivering next door! A resident suited up and assisted as the Dr ran in just in time to welcome 7.1lb 19″ sweet little Livy. Liam and Mila arrived not long after to meet little seester and just couldn’t get enough of her! What an exciting time in the Goldschmidt house! Also, congrats on being part of the three-peat BB mama’s club! 😉 Enjoy that chaooooos!

Love you guys, Melanie.

Ps. Thanks to my (brand new that day!)  babysitter unexpectedly working 8 extra hrs so I could hang with my friends/clients!

Jacquelyn - September 29, 2017 - 9:11 pm

Beautifully captured.