Happy Birthday, baby girl! more coming soon! 🙂


Love, Melanie

JennyBZ - September 28, 2017 - 12:47 am

Oh. Em. Gee. This looks insane. That first black and white after baby was born-so incredible. These are gorgeous!! Oh how am I ever gonna choose between those beautiful birth photos and sibling shots?! Gah! Stop being so amazing! xx

a beautiful beginning: Lucas Paul’s birth story.

Alisha let me know Wednesday evening her water had broken a couple weeks early, which she wasn’t surprised as she’s never reached 40 weeks in pregnancy. They were heading into the hospital after dinner and would keep me updated. Slow to no progression all night long leading to what happens a lot with those 3rd babies….out of nowhere, COMPLETE! With a strong epidural, Alisha felt a whole lot of nothing as her baby labored alllll the way down. With a “practice push” delivering Luke’s head, and the first real push delivered all 7.4lbs of him fully! All the family in the room got to witness a double cord wrap with the Dr moving so smooth and efficiently, it was no concern at all! Big brothers Hayden and Grant were so sweet with their new little handsome buddy. Congrats and have fun with all those boys!!

Love, Melanie.

A Beautiful Beginning: Elijah Paul’s Birth Story.

Elijah spent the last couple weeks in his womb driving mama nuts. Hours of prodromal labor, even having her rush to the hospital a couple weeks ago for an overnight stay only to be sent home. On his birthday he almost did it to her again after she swore this time had to be legit because she’d had other labor signs happening too. She went in to get checked and STILL only 2.5cm! How incredibly frustrating for mama! After she was sent home again, she text me some expletives after having two really hard contractions followed by a water break! Hooray, they had to admit her now!! After her epidural, she was finally comfortable and happy while getting anxious to meet her baby. I arrived when she was 7-8cm to a room full of laughter and jokes! During our small talk the pressure was rising and not leaving. Soon enough she was complete and like the snap of a finger and some power pushing, Eli was placed on her chest! 8lbs and 20 1/4″ with a head of lacking hair matching daddy. Big brothers couldn’t come up as it was way too late, but they got to FaceTime! I’m happy this birth was much more routine for you than the last and all is well! Great work Liesl and PJ! You make cute boys!

Love, Melanie

Elijah Paul. » LOFT 3 PHOTOGRAPHY - August 30, 2017 - 5:58 pm

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A beautiful beginning: Bailey maxine’s birth story.

Rachel had been planning a lovely natural birth and everything was going well with pregnancy till she started with preeclampsia symptoms in her last trimester. You don’t mess around with that so they scheduled her for an overnight induction at 38 weeks. The first 12 hr meds didn’t do much so they started a second dose before starting pitocin. Hardly ever have I heard of cervidil putting women into full labor but lucky for Rachel, it started her contractions right up. Soon a water break at midnight and the party had carried on, on its own. She spent 75% of her labor in the bathroom, first shower and then especially the toilet (because it doesn’t put pressure against her bottom). Once she was fully into transition, her family supported her enough to find comfort on all fours in bed. Her graceful moans became deeper (that sound, if you’ve never experienced it, it’s amazing. You can hear the mom working so hard BUT completely in control) and she needed to push! Her midwife and staff were so sweet, encouraging and calm.  She also had both moms, two siblings, an aunt and her dad in the room! You can see in the images that the emotions were high and the crowd was so excited! Cory was adorable as it was the first newborn he’s ever seen OR held!! Daddy even put on her first diaper, which was too cute. 🙂 Welcome to the world you cute little 6.7lb, 20″ button! Congrats all around!

Love, Melanie.

Bailey Maxine. » LOFT 3 PHOTOGRAPHY - August 30, 2017 - 5:56 pm

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