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A Beautiful Beginning {Keira Isabelle’s Birth Story.}

It’s officially a trend now for the Mertz births where Kelly is slow to progress then boom, she’s compete. Uh, we knew this was a thing. We talked about it being a thing. Then when she went from “she’s still 4cm” to a few minutes later, “actually, she’s complete and getting ready to push.” I […]

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welcome Isla Rose {Just Born}

The surprise of a little sister was so exciting for Avery and Finn! They were ridiculously cute and gentle with Isla as they continuously rubbed her “fuzzy” head and counted her teeny toes! They wanted her all to themselves and thrilled they get to keep her forever! Great news for Maria and Conor that they […]

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A beautiful beginning: Georgia Evelynn’s birth story

Getting pregnant is usually the complicated issue with most moms. For Becki it’s more of the part of trying not to die once pregnant. Poor girl has a miserable time but thankfully has a hero of a husband who does all.the.things for her and Lewis. The topic of repeat Cesearen or trying a VBAC was […]

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