A Beautiful Beginning: Audriana Joan’s Birth Story.

Charlotte gets a sister! The best gift a parent could ever give their child, God willing, is another sibling. Kelly, being an only child, was super emotional about how she’s going to love them equally and split attention etc. But as soon as she saw the light in Charlotte’s eyes as she met her baby sister, I’m sure that worry washed away. And hello!! Sisters are the best! These two already seem to have very different personalities and I can’t wait to see it play out in the years ahead. Audriana took her time all day for Billy and Kelly to make her debut. Every few hours Billy checked in with me saying not much was happening and she was 4cm for most the day. As evening creeped near, they sent home the family in the waiting room and told me they didn’t want me to get up in the middle of the night to come because they’re sweet and were worried about me sleeping and finding help with my four kids. I told her if she can make herself progress to 7+ by bedtime, I’m still coming. So as I was nursing the twins for bed, whaddya know, ding! “She’s 9cm!!” Thankfully I was wrapping up nursing and was running from the parking garage to Kelly’s room within the half hour as I got text, “She’s pushing!” To which I replied, “RUNNING! Don’t push so hard!” Which was not an option for Kelly since her epidural was wearing off! I walked in (panting) with 12 minutes to spare. Out came 6.12lb, 19.5″  Audriana (after Kelly’s BFF and Grandma) Joan (after Billy’s grandma). She was much more calm than big sister and I think, at least Kelly is, hoping she stays that way.

Another story of how unpredictable birth can be. Some babies just like to take their sweet time for hours and then rush out just when you think they’re never coming! Thankful for technology and FaceTime, they were able to chat with both sets of grandparents who were barely home, after being around all day! She’s a sweetie, congrats!

Love, Melanie

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