A Beautiful Beginning: Isabelle Louise.

If I had a nickel for every time things magically worked out, I’d be rich. Kelly was a week away from her due date and been contracting since the middle of the night. I was hoping that she went early thst morning because I had a twin newborn/family session in the evening that I couldn’t reschedule. As the day progressed, Kelly labored slowly. It got close to my session time and she decided it was best to stall herself out so I could make it. 🙂 So instead of using gravity and walking and doing all the things we know to do, she moved little or not at all. HA! Things intensified at the hospital just as I was finishing my session and she was 7-8cm. Intuition told me to switch memory cards, prep my settings and switch lenses at my clients house just so I could be ready as soon as I walked into L&D. I drove too quickly and as I was a few hundred yards away on Montgomery Rd from bNorth hospital, Kelly’s SIL texted me at 6:59pm … “she’s pushing!!” GAHHH. I tried to floor it around all the grandma drivers stopping 18 seconds at all those dang stop signs in their parking lot, but it didn’t work. I had to, of course, park a million spots away from the door and sprint as fast as I could to the entrance. That is, with a big camera flopping on each hip, a backpack with other lenses and my laptop (like I woulda had downtime to work!), my purse, all while in rain boots! The worst! Through the long as heck halls of Bethesda, up the elevator, to her room. ALL of that by 7:04 pm. FIVE minutes. Do you know I was breathing harder and louder than the woman PUSHING OUT A BABY WITHOUT MEDS?! Yep. Thankful Kel brought her camera and Jenny was able to get the first 5 images of her laboring for me because I had exactly 4 minutes to shoot before Donny delivered their first baby girl into Mama’s arms! It was perfect. Overwhelming. Beautiful. All of it. Complete reassurance of why we run ourselves ragged for this business. Those first moments, you can’t compare it to anything in the world. Now Kelly has these images to see her strength and see the joy and pride on everyone’s faces surrounding her! Sweet little Izzy was 6.15lbs, 18in, bigger than we expected with Kelly being so small her whole pregnancy. She was healthy and here for all of us to enjoy! Hooray! I’m so proud of you Kelly, for yet again, laboring and delivering so gracefully. I mean, I know you were in intense pain, but you’d never know. Well done! And not to my surprise, the next morning when I went to leave for my next birth, there was a white feather woven into my equipment backpack. A little confirmation to me from up above of why things worked out so perfectly the evening before. <3

So much love, Melanie.

L - October 12, 2015 - 6:44 pm

**chills forever**
such beauty in the photos and story alike.

i can’t wait for the approaching date to bring our babies into the world… i just hope i can do this with the beauty and strength that i’ve witnessed so many times on this blog, and in getting to call you a friend. <3

Stella Hall - October 12, 2015 - 3:36 pm

WOW..This Is Amazing Video Of Izzy’s Birth.I Must Say That The Music Went GREAT…It Brought Tears To My Eyes To The Fullest…Congratulations Donnie, Kelly and The Boys.. Ross and Patty..This Kind of Love Is Amazing!!!

JennyBZ - October 12, 2015 - 2:04 pm

Oh man, I was already crying before I even started the slideshow. This is so amazing and beautiful (and terrifying!). And oh my goodness is Isabella beautiful!!! I’m a mess over here. Big congrats to Kelly and Donny and families. And Mel, THIS is why I need you here in February. You are so amazing at what you do. Big love, friend. xx

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