Welcome Ryan Donald. {Just Born}

Julie’s laugh in this first picture. It means everything. There was a time 2.5 yrs ago that I was uncertain I’d ever see Julie’s genuine happiness shine through again. Unexpectedly, their son at 38wks fell victim to an umbilical cord wrap in womb and was born an angel. After yrs of struggle to even get that far, their Nathan was taken before his first breath. Though, by the grace of God, love was felt again when they were given their rainbow baby, TJ, 15mths later. Now let me tell you about a miracle. Jules was deemed infertile years ago, told it was beyond impossible for her to conceive without the help of a lab. Guess the plot twist yet? Yep. Julie went in for her consultation about future children and to develop a game plan for the future since TJ was only a few months old. “Welp! You’re actually pregnant now!” WHAT!! I can’t imagine the range of emotions they felt because when she told me, I shouted all sorts of expletives in excitement. And here they are, swooning over their 3rd Banner boy. Now their hands are full with soon to be, two wild boys, with the sweet guardian angel above. A perfect redemption, mending their hearts, slowly but surely, one stitch at a time. God bless this sweet boy and give Julie and Chris all the patience in the world. And also, maybe, a Xanax script. :-0

Welcome Ryan Donald | Born April 15, 2016 | 8.4lbs | 19.75″


Love you guys! CONGRATS! And good luck!! 😉 Love, Melanie

Ryan. » LOFT 3 PHOTOGRAPHY - April 18, 2016 - 5:27 pm

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