Welcome Josephine Claire & Alexander John! {Just Born}

Eightish years ago, Tasha contacted Kelly and I to do a story on our birth photography for Channel 9 News. We remained friends, then a few years later, Tasha gave birth to Lincoln. I came to the hospital to document the fresh emotions and excitement of their long over due baby. I shot Lincoln a few times as he developed into what I believe is THE CUTEST human on earth. I told them, you need to have many many more babies if they’re all going to look like this kid! MULTIPLES NEXT! More years have passed, pregnancy struggle continued and then they were blessed with….TWINS! YES. Lincoln requested a brother AND a sister and shoot, did mom deliver on that!! A crazy few weeks led to a couple healthy babies in arms! I can’t even wait for those fros to grow in along with that caramel skin. 😍😍😭 You guys did so good! All the congrats!!! Welcome babies!

 Born October 15, 2019 |  Josie | 4lb15oz | 18.5″| Alex | 6lb9oz | 19.5″

Love, Melanie

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