A Beautiful Beginning: Margo Joy’s birth story

Sometimes births are so wild they leave me with my jaw dropped, my brows raised, standing there hoping to capture anything I can with an obstructed view amidst the chaos! All of their friends and family had been holding our breaths waiting for Katie to have a successful pregnancy with a live birth after many complications and losses over the years. We were all saying our prayers but still so anxious even though all the ultrasounds showed a healthy baby, we just needed it to be born! She approached her due date with a nasty cold which heightened other worries! She went to bed uncomfortable on Friday night thinking nothing would happen til her induction on Monday. Then uncomfortable turned crampy. Turned contractions. She made a choice to shower and get ready hoping it was the real deal! Then..

345a I was just getting back in bed and as I hit the pillow, text chimed: “water broke!!” My gut told me not to wait, get in the shower and go straight to Christ. I always listen to my intuition!

432 Waiting at Christ’s Emergency entrance for Ryan to drop Katie to me

434 Wheeled (because if you’ve ever had a water break outside the hospital, you know you don’t stop gushing with every step.) Katie inside the ED and waited at security for the nurses to take us upstairs

444 Checked into L&D with Ryan and Edie at her side

449 I confirmed with Katie she’d only had 3, maybe 4 ctx since I’d been with her, which she talked through the pain, so I guessed her at 5cm at most

450 Nurse gave Katie a cup for a sample and a gown to get into while in the bathroom

455 Ryan and I waited outside the door while I noticed moans quickly became deep, serious and guttural. She told us from the toilet she was about to puke. “KATIE YOU’RE ALREADY  TRANSITIONING! THIS IS AMAZING.” I handed her a disposable puke bag as she said, I really just have to poop! My eyes widened. ::Oh God, she’s bout to have a toilet baby:: I rushed to nurses station and declare she has to be complete, she already transitioned, they best GET MOVIN. I see in their faces they don’t believe me, until I turn and turn back yelling, “NO, PLEASE! BELIEEEEVE ME!”
459 Nurses get in room and confirm toilet baby scenario and drag unwilling Katie from bathroom to bed. While staff sets up room for delivery. Breaking down the bed was not going to even happened at this escalation!
503 Some wonderfully loud expletives shouted by mama. (Me behind camera “YESSSSSSSS! Get. it. Mama!!”) Grandma Becky walks in next to me like, what’s happening!? I push her to the other side of the room and tell her that her grand baby is about to arrive. “OMG!”
505 Resident arrives to back up 6 nurses
506 Katie arches back “GAAAAAAH!!! IHAAAAVEEETOOOOPUUUUUUSHHHHH!! ::Miracle born:: Using her God given baby lungs to scream her head off at us!
Ryan watches baby placed on moms chest. “IT’S A GIRL!” He can finally breathe again after 40+wks of worrying about his baby and his wife. He sobs. Grandma Becky holds her son. She’s elated for another granddaughter and to watch her own baby feel JOY again. She sobs. Katie’s pain went from off the charts to trying to gain her composure and trying to realize what the hell just went down in the last 10-15min. Exclaims over and over again how PINK her baby girl is! The recognition of how a fresh baby should look had escaped her after her last daughter was born sleeping. 😔 She too, let the tears begin to fall as FINALLY her life in the eye of the storm had been enveloped in God’s grace, back in the light. There was her rainbow, wailing on her chest. And naturally, whoever else wasn’t dropping tears in the room, was just standing there in complete awe over the power and strength this mama just displayed. We’d been prepping her mentally for an unmedicated birth this whole pregnancy and as it turned out, she wouldn’t have had the option otherwise! I mean, they blew her vein just trying to get her heplock in her wrist before delivery!
508 Dr arrives confused as he was just sleeping upstairs and thought he had plenty of time. “OH.”
515 Kate signs the admitting paperwork to officially check her into the hospital. 🤣
715a I opened the hospital shades to a gorgeous pink sunrise beginning💕
This most definitely felt like the longest wait ever for Edie’s sibling for everyone else, so who knows how Kate and Ryan got through the last couple years. After more than a handful of pregnancies and devastating losses, their small family is complete. Ryan has allll his girls both here and up there make him a full on #GirlDad forever. 😍
We all couldn’t be happier for you. You guys deserve this happiness and all that is to come! Thanks for allowing me into these deeply intimate life events with you to capture all the raw emotions and then share your physical AND emotional strength with the world! It’s a great honor, I don’t take lightly to witness over and over. I’m so proud of you both for your commitment to find your Joy over sadness. Your very own, 6.14lb, 19.5″, Margo JOY Blevins!! 🙌🏼
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