A Beautiful Beginning: Sloan Kendall’s Birth Story

Heather has known her whole adult life that she wanted to have 4 kids. Step children were welcomed and loved too, but she wanted to birth 4 of her very own! Even when her and Dave got engaged, their combined royal flush of children aged: 9,10,11,12&13(!!), she still felt the urge to have one more, officially blending the families. 😍 Since she’s a regular of mine with Loft3, I made the trip up to Dublin for the pre sunrise cesarean! Things went smooth and she came out with a bad attitude, as Christian was worried. By “bad attitude” he meant, “crying.” HAHHA. She calmed quickly once on top of mama and stayed that way the rest of the day I was there! Only 3 of the 5 big kids could make it to the hospital as the others were in school and could only FaceTime their new sister! The other big sibs stated over and over how perfect but so tiny she was at only 7.1lbs!

I’m thankful you got your healthy baby and pray all those giants in the house help non stop! Now let’s just hope she’s a good toddler by the time you have 5 teenagers in your house. GOOD LUCK! 🤣

Congrats! Love, Melanie

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