Why should I hire a professional photographer? Can’t my husband or a family member take my photos?

Having a professional photographer present at your birth ensures that you will get the best photos possible because we have the equipment and knowledge to handle tricky lighting situations. It also takes the pressure off dad or anyone one else that is there to be the mother’s support. (Plus dad doesn’t end up in as many pictures if he is the one taking them.)

I’m worried about clunky photo equipment crowding our space or taking away from my experience – what will you bring?

I have top of the line professional cameras that can handle extreme lighting situations very well. I will only bring my cameras and some lenses. I will not have tripods, lights, or anything else that will get in the way. I prefer to spend the entire time mom is pushing behind the moms head behind the bed!

I’m concerned for my privacy – will I have control over the pictures posted on your blog or portfolio?

Yes I will get your permission before posting any shots of you, however I do hope you will allow us to showcase your experience in a tasteful way so that other moms can benefit from and be inspired by your photos.

How long will you be at my birth?

There is no set time limit due to the unpredictable nature of births. I will arrive at your birth ideally around 7cm  and stay afterwards for 1-2 hours during your recovery to capture the baby’s first moments, meeting with friends/family, etc.

What if I change my mind at the last minute and/or my birth doesn’t go as planned?

No problem at all – if you decide to forgo birth pictures for whatever reason, I will completely understand. However, your initial deposit of $100 is non-refundable.

What if I have a c-section?

If you end up with a c-section or even have a scheduled c-section, we can still provide beautiful photographs for you. Even if we are not allowed in the operating room, we will be there waiting as soon as you are in a postpartum room or in recovery.

How far will you drive?

We are both westsiders in Cincinnati, Ohio. We travel to any location whether home, hospital, or birthing center within 30-45 min of downtown.

I feel fat and gross now, why they heck would I want photographs of me in labor?

Dude, I feel ya. I dealt with some really awesome cankles and swelling. It sucked. Lucky for you, by hiring professionals, we know good angles and not-so-good angles of prego women. 🙂 and since I know the whole world is able to view the blog, we want you to look your best. And plus, pregnant women are beautiful, and truly are glowing. I promise you don’t look nearly as gross as you feel! 😉

My husband and I want this to be a quiet and intimate experience. I especially don’t want to feel like my ladyparts are being photographed by the paparazzi. Can you assure me having another person there won’t completely ruin the moment?

I can be as quiet as you want us to be. I know what it’s like to labor. I will do my best to stay out of everyone’s way while still capturing the amazingness. OR if you want us to give you support and encouraging words, I’d absolutely love to do that as well. You tell me what you want, and I’d be happy to see it happens.

What if i go into labor while you are shooting a wedding or session?

As soon as you are in “active labor” according to your midwife or dr, then we should be notified.  Depending on the circumstance, most things in my schedule can be moved around easily and I can get to you asap. If you go into labor while I’m at a wedding, I will come directly to you when my wedding coverage time is up.

Heaven forbid my baby/ies go to the NICU, what happens then?

Unfortunately we’ve experienced this before.  If it was up to me, I’d avoid the NICU like a plague.  But as I personally know, not all babies come out as healthy as the last, so I will do everything in my power to capture all those memories as well. It is safe and ok for us to be in there, and of course I will mind the doctors and family’s space.

I have been told there is a strong possibility my child will not make it outside of the womb. Will you still photograph our family and the experience?

Suffering the loss of a baby is one of the most traumatic experiences parents could face. I believe it is just as important to remember that child’s entrance in the world as it is any other. I would be honored to be there to offer our images to support your future healing and grieving of your child. Believe me, you will want to remember every detail of your child and the pictures will preserve those tiny features for you.