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Thanks for stopping by, I’m Melanie ! I’m a birth junkie. Anything baby, pregnancy, or delivery absolutely fascinates me.  I love to learn. I love to love. If there is one thing I’ve always known for certain, it was that I wanted to be a mom. My husband, Adam, and I were blessed with a baby girl in Dec ‘09. Nori Jo has given us such immense joy, I could talk for hours about how amazing parenthood is. We educated and prepared ourselves for months reading books and taking Bradley Birthing classes. My pregnancy turned high risk and I ended up in a c-section. In nov ’11 we welcomed our son Nico Gregory! I was able to have a wonderful natural VBAC. Before, after my deliveries, and each birth I attend, I realize every babies entrance to the world is so different, and beautiful. We constantly look back at the births of our four children and the amazing pictures which instantly rushes back a flood of emotions. It would be my honor to be by your side to document such a whirlwind of beautiful memories.

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