“There are moments in my life which I have made sure to capture, for memories’ sake.  I have always planned ahead tohave a camera ready to capture my engagement, wedding and any other special occasions.   But in the most life changing moments of my children being born, I needed someone to not only take pictures, but to also grasp what was stirring in our hearts.  I sought out Melanie’s help. When pregnant with my twins, we received the devastating news that their lives would be short lived.  I was carrying my conjoined daughters, sharing a single heart and had a 1% chance of living after being born.  We prepared ourselves to the best of our ability, to be sure to mentally capture the time we held our girls in our arms; but in such a whirlwind of emotion, it was easy to get caught up in the moment and forget the simplest things.  Melanie gave us the chance to discover what we hadn’t noticed such as the wrinkles on their feet, the shape of their eyes, the curl in their hair, the crease on Grace’s ear, the little nose on Hope.  She also gave us the chance to always recall the embrace of them holding each other and the love that we shared in that room. I could not have trusted something so important to anyone else.  I entrusted her with the task of snapping all of the memories we will ever have of our daughters.  And we are forever grateful that she so humbly accepted this huge undertaking.  The day our girls were born I was soaking up every ounce of time I had with my children, I barely remember her there.  I can recall two instances when I remember her in my room.  I remember the hug and tear we shed together before I was pulled back for my cesarean and the relief I felt that she was going to be there.  And I remember what she said and continued repeating when she first met my girls, “How beautiful”. We now pull out those pictures of Hope and Grace and wrap ourselves in those heavenly moments that we have placed around our house of which, we have added the pictures of the birth of our third daughter, Maria.  Melanie was also present (FOR 8 HOURS!) to capture Maria birth, of which we are forever indebted to her for. I am thankful to call her my friend and humbled by her incredible talents.  She has been given the amazing ability to see through her lens what our eyes cannot and what our hearts are feeling. Thank you, Mel!  WE LOVE YOU!”

~ Hope, Grace, and Maria’s mom, Luci

“Mel used her creative eye to capture my family’s precious moments within the first 24 hours of my son Cameron’s life. My husband  Cory and I can re-live these moments each time we pick-up the photo album thanks to Melanie and her talent behind the camera. Besides being a photographer, Mel is a mother herself and was very informative providing advice throughout my pregnancy. Her ears were always available for my many questions and concerns. I don’t think I could have done it without her. I am a fairly private person, but I felt completely comfortable with Mel! She is an easy going person, with a unique passion to help people. The majority of the morning she kept the camera clicking away, pausing momentarily to offer thoughts, advice, and remind me how beautiful my life had just become with my new addition. She even shared her motherly experiences with me, and gave me insight and encouragement to breastfeeding. Yes! I even felt comfortable letting her help me with that 😉 She eased any nervousness and soon Cory and I were just playing with our baby like no one was there.  It all felt so natural and fun! I can’t even express how special those first moments of my son’s life were, and to have them captured by such an amazing photographer makes it even better! I will cherish the pictures forever and simply cannot say enough about Mel’s work.  Thank you Mel. You truly are great and have such an amazing ability of capturing the most precious moments in life and turning them into works of art that will last forever.”
~ Cameron’s mom, Jess

“Melanie and Kelly are THE perfect women to have in your delivery room! I cannot talk enough about how grateful I am to have had Melanie there with me the day my daughter Lily was born. Lily’s birth was very stressful and scary, as she was born nearly two months premature. Melanie was my lifeline that day and the whole week prior as we sat in the hospital trying to stop the delivery. She came to the hospital and managed to capture some of the sweetest photo’s of my husband and I and my little preggo belly– even as I was hooked up to IV’s and machines– and she made me look normal! Because of the high risk situation, Melanie was unable to be in the delivery room, but came immediately after and met us in the NICU. I still tear up when I see the amazing photos she took that day. She was there to capture all the first moments we so sadly were unable to have with Lily in the delivery room- I cannot be more thankful. And because Melanie is such an amazing mom herself, she was able to use her own delivery experience to make mine a little smoother, helping me with breastfeeding (yes, she makes you THAT comfortable) and even shielding me from cranky nurses. We love her -and Kelly!- and want them to be at all our children’s births, especially the new little bean due in August :)”
~Lily’s mom, Sarah

I don’t think I could ever thank you Melanie enough for being there for Eric and myself throughout my entire labor and delivery.  We are so happy that you were there to share in one of the most important days of our lives.  You were able to capture more than just images…you captured moments.  Those moments express something that words just cannot describe – Eric’s face lighting up when he saw we had a boy, the first kiss on our little baby’s forehead, the bond that I shared with my new baby during his first feeding.  We will treasure those moments forever and because of you we will always have a visual memory of them. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about having others in the delivery room (as you know, I’m pretty private), but I almost forgot you were even in the room.  You were never in the way or intrusive, but when I did need you, you were there for support.  Your presence brought a sense of security and peace to the room, which helped me to get through all the tough moments.  You weren’t just a photographer in the room, you were a trusted friend that I could depend on. Thanks again for being there as we became a family of 3.  I love you very much and you better be there for the next addition into our family :)!!!
~Paxton’s mom, Erin